Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stronger than we realize's what you make of it, right? I do believe this but when you're "sick", like myself and so many others it's hard to follow that.  Depression IS a real disease,  it's a horrible illness that so many people have to live with in a society that is so unaccepting of the fact that it truly is a disease and not a weakness. Depression is a daily struggle, not only because of the feelings we encounter every minute of every day but because we have to hide and keep so many things bottled up so we aren't looked down upon.  I can't tell you how many times I've been told to "get over" it, fake it,'s not that easy! Some people may think that we are just weak, we may think we're weak but the reality of it is we are STRONG. I'm still here; even after so many times of wanting to give up and call it quits, I'm still here living this nightmare...I am strong!

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  1. You are strong! and talking about it makes you stronger. it also gives strength to others suffering the same way. shedding light on the darkness you feel and the shame others put upon you educates so many on something they do not understand. you are strong and don't let anyone tell you differently.